Arthritis food guide What to eat, what not…

Arthritis food guide

What to eat, what not…

Are you aware that there are over 100 forms of arthritis with the two main forms of  Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis affecting the majority of the population in the United States?  Also, there are 206 bones in the body, with over 100 joints connecting them.  With so many forms of Arthritis, there are many places a body can be inflicted with pain from the disease.  Fortunately, if you are aware of the proper foods to eat and foods to avoid, you will help to prevent the disease and its flare ups.

What to eat with Arthritis

Food rich in iron:  Among Arthritis sufferer’s tiredness is a common ailment and can easily lead to anemia. Eating foods rich in iron such as dark and red meats, green leafy vegetables, eggs, pulses, and oily fish will help to prevent this.  Fortified foods are also sources of foods rich in iron such as breakfast cereals. 

‘Mediterranean’ diet

Arthritis sufferers suffer with inflammation due to body chemicals.  Eating a diet that contains modest lean meat portions, plenty of vegetables and mono-unsaturated fats will help to reduce and prevent inflammation experienced with the disease.  It is recommended to eat at least four servings of fresh, frozen or canned vegetables each day and two servings or more of fruit each day. A portion can be measured as being equal to a few tablespoons or a handful.  Vary your vegetables choosing them from different colors in order to have a wide range of plant nutrients which will help to reduce the inflammation experienced with the condition.


Fish, especially those with darker flesh are high in fish oils (omega-3 polyunsaturates) and should be eaten two or three times a week.  Darker flesh colored fish include snapper, marlin, swordfish, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel and sardines and will provide maximum health benefits. 

Fruits & vegetables

Anti-oxidants are high among fruits and vegetables.  Anti-oxidants help to fight disease in the body by seeking out and neutralizing damaging molecules that are responsible for inflammation.  In a recent study the risk of developing inflammatory Arthritis was greater among those with a lower intake of fruits and vegetables.

What to avoid in arthritis?

Certain fats: The type of fats and oils that you put into your body influence the effects of your condition such as the levels of pain and inflammation you will experience.  Saturated fats are known for increasing inflammation and pain in Arthritis sufferers.  These are fats that are found in processed foods and full-fat dairy products.  Oils and margarines that are made from sunflower and corn sources will also increase the levels of pain and inflammation experienced.  These oils are high in omega-6 polyunsaturates which are also increase general inflammation.

The following is a list of common foods that all persons living with Arthritis should avoid to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of Arthritis:

  • High dose Vitamin C (1000 mg) fruits such as dried fruit, grapes and citrus which can worsen the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Creamed vegetables, peppers, white potatoes, eggplant, corn

  • All products containing gluten, kamut, spelt, barley wheat corn

  • Pistachios, pine nuts, peanut butter, peanuts

  • Eggs, canned meats, sausage, frankfurters, pork, shellfish, beef

  • Dairy products, including yogurt

  • Mayonnaise, hydrogenated and processed oils, shortening, butter, margarine

  • Caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, sodas and soft drinks

  • Barbeque sauce, soy sauce, chutney, mustard, ketchup, and other condiments

  • Chocolate

  • Corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, brown and white refined sugar and desserts made with these sweeteners
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