Health vs Medicine

A Classic Battle Between Good and Evil…

The biggest battle mankind faces on planet earth in the 21st century is the one between the forces of “Health,” and the forces of “Medicine”.
“Health” is winning. North American consumer spending habits clearly show that our society wants to be healthy, not medicated.
The forces of “Medicine,” tout the dubious benefits of a drugged society. To them, everything is a new ailment, a new disease, a new disorder, one for which an expensive new drug is available – and which, in their minds, the population should be “required” to embrace. Look how easily our brighter children are being forced into a Ritalin world. Look how our seniors are convinced that they need to spend their life savings in the prescription line at the local pharmacy.
“Medicine” has failed North Americans, for medicine’s goals are not our goals, their wants and needs are not our wants and needs, their solutions are not our solutions, and their motivation is not our motivation.
Hence the “Health” movement. Intelligent people look at the North American medical paradigm and say, “there’s got to be a better way than this…”
And, of course, there is…
“Health” proponents promote the simple idea of determining what, exactly, is the “cause” of a person’s poor health – and removing that cause. For example, if a person is suffering pain and general ill health, with depression, “Medicine” proponents who “diagnose and treat” would load him/her up with pain-killers, antibiotics, and anti-depressants – and a WHOPPING, never-ending, bill down at the pharmacy.. “Health” proponents would first examine the whole body to determine if there is a specific cause for this problem, find it, and solve the problem by returning the body to it’s natural operating system.
It is a lot more profitable to continuously “medicate” than it is to simply restore “health.”
Probably the biggest problems facing our society, in the new millennium, is our inability to deal with DISEASE. We, with our current “medicine” paradigm, are losing the battles – period. And, as our world population increases, so do our health problems.
When it comes to DISEASE, conventional “Medicine” has NOTHING to offer. The “War on Cancer” only benefits those involved in the money-receiving end of it. The war on AIDS is following the same path.
Yet, all around us we see successes against those problems – successes that are, most likely, the beginning of the answer to the problems. Unfortunately, we find out about those successes by reading the newspaper about how the successful “health” practitioner was “arrested, jailed, sued” on some pretext… In those cases, inevitably, the thousands of Americans who testify to the benefits of the program they used to restore their health are IGNORED.
Somehow, in our society, we’ve allowed the power structure WE OWN, and put in place, to act completely stupid over this issue. We’ve allowed them to use the guiding concept that “proven, or approved, by a bureaucracy” supersedes the reality of “results.” That’s definitely wrong – and it’s time to correct that, right now.
“Medicine” has entwined itself into our regulatory bureaucratic structure. It has, for now, managed to convince certain employees of our agencies, that the “testing” rules we, as a society, impose on DANGEROus NEW DRUGS, should apply to natural products, and common-sense solutions to health issues..
What happens now, is that when some leading-edge health practitioner finds some natural product, or simple device, that really does affect cancer, or AIDS, or what-have-you, they GET STOPPED. And, when they get stopped, people, who now had a chance to live, or restore their health, DIE…
WHAT? They get stopped? What the hell is going on? Just when we’re on the edge of an answer?
Enter, “The Quackbuster Conspiracy”…
North Americans are raised, primarily, to embrace the Judeo-Christian sense of right and wrong. Most of us are taught early what is GOOD, and what is not – what rules we are to live by…
Throughout history we’ve seen EVIL rear it’s ugly head. Man’s ruthlessness and cruelty to other men knows no limits. Examples abound in our pages of history. Every race has it’s predators, and its victims.
In my opinion, the worst thing happening to humankind in our lifetime, is the activity of a small, but HEINOus group of people who call themselves “the quackbusters.”
The suffering and death of tens of millions of humans is of no concern to them. They exist ONLY to stop advancement in health sciences that competes with the expensive, and nearly useless allopathic (MD) drug/surgery offering.
In some ways, the war between “Health” and “Medicine” is working itself out. Massive drug conglomerates are diversifying their product lines with “natural” products – seeing the change in society’s needs. That “war” is not the problem I’m talking about, although the change is taking far too long….
The “war” I’m referring to, is the one being run by a delicensed MD (and some others) out of a basement in Allentown, Pa.
Doctor Julian Whitaker’s views on the NCAHF written to the President of Loma Linda University are a good explanation of the problem. It is believed that Dr. Whittaker’s letter, and the actions of the California Health Freedom Movement team, were responsible for the REMOVAL of the NCAHF from the Loma Linda University campus.
For years the NCAHF had used Loma Linda University’s address in a manner designed to make it appear that the University endorsed their bizarre health positions.
GOOD is winning against EVIL in this battle, but is a never ending grind.

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