– How to Eliminate Stress with Laughter

– How to Eliminate Stress with Laughter: “How to Eliminate Stress with Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. I am sure you have all heard this one before but what about the connection between laughter and stress management. Sigmund Freud found that laughter could release tension. For this reason, laughter is seen and used as a coping mechanism when you get into a negative mood.
The Health Benefits of Laughter

According to Steve Wilson, M.A., CSP, and a psychologist and laugh therapist, laughter is so helpful because ‘We change physically. We use muscles, stretch and our heart rate increases.’¹ Laughter is controlled by the brain. A primitive part of the brain, the limbic system is involved in laughter. This part of the brain helps us to deal with emotions and to function properly for our survival. Laughter is also linked to the part of the brain where endorphins are produced. This chemical is a painkiller. Endorphins also lower epinephrine which is a chemical that is associated with stress.²

So, laughter is related to survival by helping us with emotions in some way. And it is a stimulus for endorphins production. These are mechanical explanations of the good feelings that we get after a good laugh. Laughter is a great stress reliever and is proving to be quite a healthy act.

Think about some of the things that cause you to laugh: tickling, joking, relief, joy. You can hear a funny joke from a friend, or on TV, or remember a funny thing that happened. It can be sarcasm, slapstick, or a silly mistake you made that surprises you. No matter the cause, the end result is usually the same, a good laugh can lift your spirits.
Stress and Laughter – Did You Know?
Did You Know?

* Laughter can help prevent heart attacks.³
* Laughing raises your heart rate and burns calories just like during a workout.4
* Doctors world wide are now using humor therapy to treat many ailments

The evidence is out there. And while we all can take jokes differently, there’s enough humor to go around, to share and enjoy. When we all laughed more it will help to reduce stress and improve our body’s health. It’s a work-out that you will enjoy.
How To Eliminate Stress With Laughter

* Dr. Group suggests that you take a look in the mirror. If you give it a moment and the effort, before long you’ll make yourself laugh.
* TV is entertaining and informing sometimes; when you want entertainment, watch something that makes you laugh. Who said watching TV couldn’t be healthful too?
* Take the time to enjoy the humor daily by making it a part of your daily routine.
* Laughter is a social signifier of communal interaction. Basically, what we laugh at says a lot about who we are.
* It often seems that laughter is catching from one person to the next. Next time you’re in a group, include some laughter. You’ll be helping yourself and your companions.
* Look at the funny pages in a newspaper or subscribe to a joke a day cell phone service.


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