Before you start your exercise program: START STRETCHING!

Here is why the six best exercises for older adults are important at any age:Being in your prime age does not mean you will stop being active. In fact, you can still stay fit in spite of your age. There is still room for exercising for you. In a way, exercises will help you stay in power and at the same time, they will keep you balanced and alert.

Stretching exercises are very much advisable for people who not getting any younger. Aside from the fact that they are helpful, they are simple and people who are in their prime ages can definitely handle exercises such as these ones.

For younger people, stretching is normally done when one is just warming up. In short, it normally comes about before and after the main exercises. However, since most seniors cannot do forceful exercises anymore, this can be their warm up and main course as well.

Stretching brings a lot of advantages to seniors like helping them to relax, making their bodies more flexible, relieving them from stress and others. Seniors normally go for stretching exercises to avoid falls and injuries. What it gives them is energy as well as improvement on their joints.

Here are some of the stretching exercises for seniors:

Walking – Before doing the other stretching exercises, it will be good to walk for about 5 to 10 minutes a day. Once you have warmed up your muscles, you will be able to avoid getting injuries on your muscles and joints.

Hamstring Stretch – This movement is quite well-known. It can be done by sitting down on a bench with you legs rested on it in a parallel level. If there is no bench, you can sit on a chair while placing another chair in front of you. Place one of your legs on that chair and stretch forward while keeping your back straight. Do the same thing with your other leg. Repeat this motion for several times.

Back Stretch – Raise both of your arms in front of you. Keep it levelled with your shoulders. Interlock your fingers. Lift up your arms and at the same time; slightly bend your neck forward. You will feel the stretch on your back.

Torso Stretch – Sit comfortably and lift both of your arms upwards. Interlock your fingers. Bent to your side and hold yourself in that position for a few seconds so you could feel the stretch. Go back to the first position and then, bend to your other side. Do this repeatedly up to 3 times.

Triceps Stretch – Bend your left arm to the right side of your head as if you are trying to reach your ears. Hold your left hand with your right hand until you feel the stretch. Then, do it the other way around.

Calf Stretch – Stand and rest both of your palms on the wall. Keep your arms parallel to each other. Place your left foot forward and your right foot backward. Lean your body forward until you feel that your calf is being stretched. Do this repeatedly while alternating each foot.

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